Camp - One Tree Beach - best fishing in the Kimberley


letter The ultimate fishing experience needs the ultimate fishing camp. One Tree Beach is central to the best fishing the Kimberley coast can offer. Short walks from base camp will bring you to tidal creeks, rocky outcrops and pristine beaches. Off shore – and not far off shore – the angling options are endless.

Located on the eastern side of Admiralty Gulf where no vehicle can access, One Tree Beach fishing camp is set amongst an ancient landscape of sandstone cliffs, tidal caves and shell beach. Spectacular views from every direction greet the visitor.

Safe and secluded, One Tree Beach fishing camp is tastefully built to blend with the environment and provides clients with twin share beach side cabin accommodation, or private safari style accommodation. Facilities include flushing toilets, unlimited fresh water, 240 volt power, ice and refrigeration and a fully equipped camp kitchen producing the best tucker in the land, all in a truly captivating wilderness where unique natural history is part of the scene.

At One Tree Beach you are treated to lashings of great food. Guests can expect sea food extravaganzas including mud crabs, oysters and delicacies from the smoker. There’s camp oven roasts and interesting bush tucker. It’s all fresh, varied and plentiful.

Comfort and safety are hallmarks at One Tree Beach. Camp is equipped with a satellite phone and HF and VHF radio base stations. With safe and easy boat access even on the lowest Kimberley tides, One Tree Beach is a comfortable and practical base camp from where to launch sportfishing sorties into Admiralty Gulf, and a pleasant place to rest and prepare for the next one.