FAQ's - The Kimberley's Best Fishing Tours

Q Where is One Tree Beach and how do we get there?

A Arguably the most remote fishing camp in Australia, One Tree Beach is situated on the eastern side of Admiralty Gulf in the north Kimberley region of Western Australia. Inaccessible by vehicle, guests arrive by floatplane ex Kununurra, a remote town in its own right not far from the Northern Territory border. Statistically, One Tree Beach is as far from Sydney or Melbourne as you can get and still be on mainland Australia.

Q When is the best time to come to One Tree Beach?

A The simple answer is, when the tide is right, but let me explain. The Kimberley coast is home to the biggest tides in the southern hemisphere. And the single most important factor for successful sportfishing in the Kimberley is knowing the right or PRIME tides to fish. Get the tide wrong, and like Shakespeare said, "you will be bound in shallows and misery". With twenty five years Kimberley fishing experience we know the when and the where. All tours are scheduled according to known PRIME fishing tides, and never run back-to-back with another tour; it follows that PRIME tide tour dates are limited. We operate April - October. Contact Robert Vaughan's Kimberley Fishing for PRIME tide tour dates This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Q What species of fish are we likely to encounter?

A Tropical game fish abound. Some species are seasonally prolific. Some species are simply prolific. Popular target species include Australia's premier sportfish, the mighty barramundi, black jew (northern mulloway), several species of trevally including giant trevally and golden trevally, queen fish, mackerel (four species), long tail tuna, cobia, mangrove jack, golden snapper (fingermark), cod, shark, blue bone, blue bastard, coral trout and threadfin salmon.

Q How many guests can you accommodate?

A Robert Vaughan's Kimberley Fishing offers professional guiding and logistics services to small groups. Tours are based on a minimum of two anglers and a maximum of six. Larger parties can be accommodated by special arrangement. Group bookings are welcome as are solo anglers to make up numbers. Exclusive use of One Tree Beach fishing camp by arrangement.

Q What is the accommodation, food and amenities like?

A Guests are accommodated in twin share cabins in a breezy beach location with panoramic views of Admiralty Gulf and Mitchell Plateau. One Tree Beach is equipped with flushing toilets, freshwater showers and a camp kitchen producing the best tucker in the land, all set in charming and natural surroundings. At One Tree Beach you are treated to lashings of great food. Guests can expect seafood extravaganzas (caught that day) including mud crabs, oysters and delicacies from the smoker. There's hearty camp-oven roasts and interesting bush tucker. It's all fresh, varied and plentiful.

Q What kind of boats do we fish from?

A We operate two 6.1 metre (21 foot) polyethylene long boats customised to fish three anglers in safety and comfort. Roomy and soft riding, Poly and Ethyl are ideal Kimberley fishing boats, in their element stalking fish on the flats, or pushing up with the tide through tight mangrove creeks into secret top pools where the salt and freshwater meet, or off shore in Admiralty Gulf's blue water where the pelagics prowl.

Q Do we have to travel far to go fishing.

A One Tree Beach is at the centre of the best sportfishing in the Kimberley. Excellent angling opportunities start right at the Camp. Great land based lure and fly casting awaits the early riser. Immediately off shore the fishing options are endless. Big tidal rivers, diverse estuary systems and blue water pelagic feeding frenzies are short boat trips away.

Q Do you supply tackle?

A Guests are encouraged to bring their own tackle, however, clients are welcome to use the Camp's quality tackle which is provided unconditionally, so there is NO charge for any loss or damage.

Q What is the climate like?

A Classified tropical savannah, the north Kimberley experiences a monsoonal summer wet season and a distinctly dry winter. The wet season is typically hot, humid and stormy with a high chance of cyclones impacting the coast December - April. The dry season offers warm, clear days and cool, clear nights. Pleasant boating conditions can be expected April - October.

Q Are there any dangers?

A Robert Vaughan's Kimberley Fishing has an unblemished safety record. Nevertheless, guests need to be aware this is adventure based tourism and involves travel into remote and rugged terrain where extremes of nature can occur. Crocodiles, marine stingers, sharks and biting insects are part of the natural order. Cyclone season December - April.

Q What should we bring on tour.

A Please note: A strict fifteen (15) kilo baggage allowance applies on float plane and helicopter transfers. You need only bring light tropical clothing offering plenty of sun protection including a broad brimmed hat. Personal items should include SPF 50 sun screen, personal medications, toiletries, a towel, and sturdy waterproof footwear. Bring a camera, torch and insect repellent. POLARISED sunglasses are vital equipment. Contact Robert Vaughan's Kimberley Fishing if you have any special needs. This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Q I'm bringing my partner who may not want to go fishing every day. What other activities are there to do at One Tree Beach?

A One Tree Beach is set amongst spectacular natural and anthropological history. Bush walkers, photographers, botanists, bird watchers, artists, indeed, naturalists of all creeds will be enthralled.